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Slow Notes For Marx 2

by Production Unit



"More live/improvised gradual tones for reading in isolation. In this piece, I wanted to use the white noise elements to pull my eyes down the page and along each line from left to right, hence the ever-sinking feeling and the sense of constantly veering a hundred and eighty degrees across the sonic field like a slo-mo typewriter head. I also tried some notes about halfway through that don't have a slow attack, in contrast to the initial aims of this project (and every note in part one). Instead, I'm repeating a simple phrase with occasional very slight variations. I find that although clear notes distract my reading, that quickly wears off if they endlessly loop. I like how The Necks do this - channelling something so often that they take you beneath it, helping you see individual trees among the wood - so this was an attempt to echo those uses of texture. Again, all proceeds to Unity Centre, Glasgow. Mastered by Black & Red Mastering."


released March 31, 2020


all rights reserved